Friday, April 4, 2014

Custom Order for new Navy Parents

Hi Guys

Just thought I'd swing by to show some pics of the latest custom order.  Bit of a challenge friend asked me to put together a blanket, bib and burp cloth for friends of his that had just had their first child.  Both parents were in the Navy so he wanted something nautical....only problem is that it was for a girl!

I had so many 'boy' fabric ideas and I know it really shouldn't make a difference but sometimes it still does.
Anyway after much searching Michael Miller solved my problem with his 'Out to Sea' collection...phew!

Here's some pics of what I made

A selection of burp cloths

World Map will be available in white soon too

Bib 'O' the world....or mostly South America

Everyone loves mermaids right?

.....and Narwhals

Love this collection, so glad I stumbled across it.  Check out the shop for availability if you would like to purchase anything  Textile Trolley Shop on Etsy


  1. Louise, I shouldn't be surprised but always am at the level of your skills and eye for color and detail. This collection is adorable and, as always, makes me long for a baby to smother with gifts from your shop! :-)

  2. Thank you very much 'unknown' ...lovely words!