Monday, October 27, 2014

Easiest Ice Cream Birthday Cake

....well apart from picking one up at your local supermarket or ice cream shop this is the easiest (and actually pretty quick - less than an hour) way for me to make a birthday cake!

I've made a few cakes in my time....the fondant Ninja Turtle Cake that I had to make as part of my Norland course, the 3 tiered wedding cake I made for my old bosses mother, the handbag cake that I made for my old boss and so many others along the way.

For my boyfriends birthday earlier this year (yes I'm just getting round to posting this now) I made this super duper ice-cream cake.  This cake is not for the dieter....what cake is?  Oh yeah rice cakes!!!  :o)

I made this cake in 45's how I did it.

First the pictorial list of ingredients, as you can tell this is geared towards a chocolate-peanut butter theme.

It's quite important to prepare all the chopping ahead of assembly so that you have everything ready to go.
I bought 3 different ice creams for 3 different layers.....I used a 10" spring form pan which measured about 2.5" high, in hindsight I would have chosen a pan with higher walls, the ingredients 'just' fit in!

This is a pretty messy job, so excuse the lack of photographs of each layer, I had ice-cream, fudge and peanut butter all over the place, so didn't want to keep picking up the camera.

Before you begin, place the cake pan on a double layer of kitchen paper towel with a layer of tinfoil underneath that to prevent drips and fold it up the outsides of the pan.

After chopping the Oreo's and Snickers into small pieces I softened the first layer of ice cream in the microwave a little, you just want it smooth enough to spread it....if I had the time leaving it out at room temperature would have been better.  You need to keep stirring it to make sure it's all the same consistency so do a little at a time.

In no way shape or form am I promoting these brands.  The Ben & Jerry's ice-cream was on sale  :o)  I actually wouldn't recommend the 'Core' ice-creams, I didn't realize I had bought them but the middle of the ice-cream tub is actually filled with peanut butter and salted caramel.  I think solid ice-cream would have worked better.

I chose to put the only vanilla based ice-cream in the middle (like a sandwich cake).  I started off by putting the Peanut ButterFudge on the bottom, spreading it out evenly, then drizzling the (not so hot) fudge on top of that and scattering the chopped Oreo's on top of the fudge!

After the first layer is done you need to put the cake in the freezer to harden up before adding the next layer. 

Next I softened the Salted Caramel flavor and added the chopped Snickers bars and melted the peanut butter before drizzling that over the top, don't let your peanut butter get hot as it will melt your ice-cream more than you need!  Back in the freezer to harden.

See how much room is left in the pan and I still had the final ice-cream to add!!!!  YIKES!!!

Finally I added the last ice-cream, the Chocolate Fudge Brownie.  If you want to add candles to your cake I would recommend adding the holders now before it gets too hard.

Back in the freezer before the party begins.  I made this a day ahead which I would recommend, you can't slice melted ice-cream.

And of course I was so busy with everything the day of the party that I forgot to take a picture of the assembled cake out of it's pan!  But I did remember to take pictures of a slice or two the next day!

It was a huge hit!  And hard to believe there is 6 tubs of ice-cream in there!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Etsy shop receives new stock

Hello all.....

Just popping in to let you know there are new items in the shop.....and I will continue to add more as the weeks go by.  The shop has been closed for the last 2 weeks as I spent time in England with family.  But I'm back with a new level of drive to get this Etsy shop jam packed in time for the holidays.  If you can't find the following items in the shop that just means they're coming soon!!!!  And you can always email on Etsy if you see something you want but can't find it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Renegade Brooklyn, September 2014

What an absolutely fantastically exhausting weekend.  I had such a successful time at Renegade Brooklyn, busy both days...even in the rain on Saturday afternoon people were still spending money!  YAY!

I think I might have sold about 75% of my inventory which is great!!!!  The only minor downside is that I have Jersey City 'All About Downtown' this coming I have to work like crazy again this week!

Anyway here's the pics I snapped quickly on Sunday.....I wish I had taken more but I had about a 1 min break with no one in the booth so I had to be fast.  If you think my booth pics look a bit one sided, you are right....I had the right side and Le Petit Elefant had the left side.....I stupidly didn't take a pic of the whole booth with both of us!!!  Mad at myself for that!  Sorry Genevieve!

Going to work on adding risers to the white's hard to see in them with the piles of bibs at the front!!!

Just noticing that my 'O' is flipped in my sign!!!  Oh well!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Renegade Craft Fair - Brooklyn Septermber 13th and 14th 2014

So for those of you that are not on Facebook and following my news I'll be at Renegade Craft Fair - Brooklyn this coming weekend Sept 13/14

Photo: Sitting down to tag these baby bibs.....haven't counted how many but it's got to be close to 100
"99 baby bibs in a pile, 99 baby bibs"

I have been busy working my tail off preparing for my first ever two day show!  Up at 6.30am and working through til around 11.30pm yes it's exhausting and tonight I hit a wall!  I don't think I can sew another bib!
I'll be taking inventory tomorrow so should be able to report back exactly how many items I have's never enough though I always feel you need to make more.  There are fabrics I wanted to use but never got around the end you can only do so much.

If you are in the neighbourhood swing on by 50 Kent between 11th and 12th street.
I am sharing booth #98 with Le Petit Elefant.....figured I'd try a half booth this year and if it's successful apply for a full booth next year!!!

 Photo: Got my Vendor pack for the Brooklyn Renegade Fair today!
98 is the magic number!!!  That's my space number.

I'll be sharing a booth with Le Petit Elefant

It's going to be a bit of a squeeze but if it's a successful fair I'll splurge on the full tent next year....this is just a trial.

Here the link the last year when I was a mere spectator.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Squirrel Picnic Table

Thought I'd share these pics today....has nothing to do with anything at Textile Trolley but I woke up to these 2 buddies having breakfast on our deck and it made me's taken them a month or two to figure out that they can actually sit on the chairs......before they were hanging upside down on the corn cob.

Would be a better quality picture if I didn't have to take it through glass!!!  They run away every time I open the sliding door.

I bought the picnic set for my boyfriends birthday and it's the gift that keeps on giving.  Children that come over to visit are mesmerized by our furry friends.  Would be a great gift for any animal lovers...this one is screwed onto the railing of our deck.

Anyone interested in purchasing one I bought this on Etsy HERE

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Greensleeves Shop in Flemington, New Jersey

Are you finding yourself singing "Greensleeves" and not knowing the words beyond "was all my joy" like me???  LOL    If you need to hear the song you can click on the arrow below....
(if you're reading this via email that link won't work)

Anyway back to MY Greensleeves....the newest shop to stock Textile Trolley.  I went for a visit last weekend to check it out as I missed the grande opening.

Here are some pics.  If you live close to Flemington it's DEFINITELY worth a trip.

Greensleeves is a huge space, grab a coffee and a cake and sit and have a chat at one of the reclaimed chairs and tables.

How amazing is this?  Volunteers painted shutters to cover the walls.  BRILLIANT!

How adorable is that Bakery counter? 

I can definitely vouch for the Egg and Cheddar stuffed croissant  OMG!!!!  I think my boyfriend has mentioned them about 4 times in less than a week!!!
Also the Brownie with peanut butter icing was to die for as was the Magic Bars, Lemon Bars, Hungarian Raspberry Bars, and the regular Brownie. Yes I tried them all......we bought a box of goodies to SHARE with friends.  Everything was so fresh and moist and delicious.

Check out the 
amazing lights.

They covered up 
the ugly boxy
lights with
kitchen utensils,

One of the hutches with some of Textile Trolley's baby items.

Another beautiful hutch with Textile Trolley's items and also amazing soaps and lotions from Secret Garden Soap of Madison

Fantastic aprons and clothing from Norma and Henry

Beautiful jewelery from Stia Couture

Wonderfully vibrant Painted Mason Jars from Noble Dippy

A beautiful selection of gorgeousness (I didn't even know that was a real spell check LOL)

Love these paper pom poms from Ruffled Paper I bought 3 that I'm hoping to display on my tent at  Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn on September 13th/14th 2014

Love these coffee sack bags from Lavanta Coffee will try the coffee too next time I go.

Big shout out to Koz's Korner who was the one who recommended me to Greensleeves.  All the wooden signs you see in the shop are done by my pal Koz

I cannot describe to you how delicious these chocolates are from David Bradley

I've got a feeling that one of these will be coming home with me next time I visit.  Beautiful items from Charlie Thyme

Another reclaimed wood business....isn't it great these people are saving all the wood....One Man Gathers Studio

Jewelery by Lisa features reclaimed/recycled materials.

Beautiful Jersey printed flour sacks!

So as you can see for yourself this place is WORTH A VISIT!  Not only does it have the best baked goods around for miles it has fantastic local artists too....and if it's not enough that you support local you are also helping support people with special needs.  A percentage of all sold goods goes to help provide housing, healthcare, meaningful employment, and recreational opportunities to people with special needs in the communities of their choice.

Greensleeves is an affiliate of Allies.

And if you STILL need further persuasion.....Liberty Village outlets are right next door!!!!!!!!!