Saturday, January 31, 2015

A blog is hard work!

OK so obviously I'm finding it hard to find the time to write this blog!  I wish I could keep up with posts on a regular basis and I'm at odds as to whether to continue and make a real effort or to kind of give up!

Truth be told I'm struggling coming up with interesting topics that doesn't take a lot of time to write!
I work part time, I try and run my Etsy shop successfully, I have wholesale orders now, and also preparations for craft shows, not to mention the upkeep of a house and a relationship!  :o)  It's a lot.

An example of one of my Instagram posts!
I am starting to spend a lot of time on Instagram which I find very easy and thrilling.  Just flicking through photo's is what most people love to do, it's quick and easy and that's what Instagram is all about.  I follow some amazing artists there that are so inspiring and I also post a lot of pics of what I'm working on too.  Check it out....I have the same name there too  Textile Trolley.

I'm going to have a long hard think as to whether to continue with the blog.....I'll keep you updated!

Thanks for listening

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Coupon Code for Textile Trolley on Etsy

Enter code SMALLBIZ14 at checkout for 15% off $10 or more from now until Saturday at midnight at

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Over 200 positive reviews for Textile Trolley on Etsy

Here we go....probably going to jinx myself again but what the.....

I have reached over 200 positive reviews from my WONDERFUL customers on Etsy!  I am so thrilled!
20 years ago while working in London for an American family I laughed at their dry cleaning hangers that they had brought over with them from the States that said "We love our customers" now I totally get it!!!

If you have any desire whatsoever you can read the reviews with this link Textile Trolley Reviews
I can always guarantee at least one person will read them.....THANKS MUM!

Here are just a few samples of what people are saying!

Love my fox bib! I have a chubby baby boy and I had a hard time finding comfortable bibs. This was such a great buy! So much cuter than regular bibs and is roomy with adjustable lengths. Love so much I ordered two more - one for us and another for a friend!

These placemats are incredible!! Great quality. Awesome packaging with a sweet message inside. Fast shipping. I was very impressed. The placemats look perfect on our table for the holiday!! Thank you!! 

Nice bib! Obviously very well made and of very high quality materials. Fits my baby perfectly and looks great on her too. I will definitely order more from this crafter. Thanks!

Excellent quality bib!!! The shipping was super fast and the customer service was amazing! The thing that I was the most impressed with was the presentation of the package when I received it. My bib & hair accessories were nicely wrapped in beautiful tissue paper with a tag and a hand written thank you note. It doesn't get any better than that! I wouldn't hesitate to buy again from this etsy seller!!! 110% satisfied!!!

Such a cute card! Shipping was very quick & Louise was very helpful with getting my card to me in time. These are beautiful, well made cards & I will definitely order again!

Such great quality !!!!! I love that I got what I paid for .

Beautifully made, purchased the sweet elephant and an elephant and peanut print as a set. Arrived along with a hand stamped gift tag, as well. Just darling, thanks so much!

This is the second set of bibs I've ordered and I'm equally as happy as I was the first time. The package arrived in less then a week with all three beautiful bibs neatly wrapped and folded. The quality was again very high and it was sweet that Louise noticed I was a repeat customer. I love etsy but have had mixed success with the professionalism of sellers sometimes waiting several months for an item. This shop is a gem and I'm super excited to shop more in the future!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Kid's Thanksgiving Gift Guide

Hi all.....thought I would put together some ideas for you for gifts for children for Thanksgiving.  I found all these wonderfully talented artists on Etsy, I hope you'll visit their shops and help support small businesses!

Turkey Favor Bags - Thanksgiving Placecards / Thanksgiving Table Setting / Kids Holiday Decor / Turkey Goodie Bag / Favor Gift Treat Bags

Children's Teepee, Natural Canvas Teepee, Thanksgiving Teepee, Fall Teepee, Holiday Teepee,  Can Include Mat, Custom Order

Fall Chevron Tuxedo Bow Alligator Clip

Personalized Melamine Plate - Personalized Kids Plate - Personalized Childrens Plate - Thanksgiving Plate - Turkey Plate - Chevron Turkey

Fall Fashion Headband, Kids Hair Accessory, Thanksgiving, Autumn Headband, Kids Photo Prop, Baby Girl, Hair Accessory, Sparkly Headband

Crochet Turkey Hat, Thanksgiving Hat, Fall Knit Hat, Toddler Turkey Hat, Girls, Boys, Newborn Turkey Hat, Crochet Animal Hat, Toddler Hat

Pilgrim Thanksgiving Onesies®, Baby, toddler, kids, Thanksgiving Shirt

Kids Thanksgiving Placemat in English/Spanish/French 2-Sided

Thanksgiving Treat Bag Topper-Thanksgiving Turkey Treat Bag Topper-Turkey Favor Bag Topper-Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Treat Topper-Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving - Colour Me Greeting Card for kids

Headband, hair accessories, kids hair ribbon flower.... Satin and Tulle Thanksgiving flower with turkey  on Glitter Stretch Ribbon

Thanksgiving Card / Turkey Card / Happy Thanksgiving, Handmade card,

Hanukkah and Christmas gift giving guides will be appearing in the not too distant future!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Party Food

Did you have a good Halloween?  What a crazy night!  We had roughly 12 8-9 yr olds over for a party and it felt like there were double the number!  I think everyone had a great time!  We bobbed for apples, had a bean bag toss, a bowling game, darts, and dinner before they all went trick or treating.

Here's a couple of snapshots of my contribution to the party.

Pukin' Pumpkin

Veggie Skeleton Man

Monday, October 27, 2014

Easiest Ice Cream Birthday Cake

....well apart from picking one up at your local supermarket or ice cream shop this is the easiest (and actually pretty quick - less than an hour) way for me to make a birthday cake!

I've made a few cakes in my time....the fondant Ninja Turtle Cake that I had to make as part of my Norland course, the 3 tiered wedding cake I made for my old bosses mother, the handbag cake that I made for my old boss and so many others along the way.

For my boyfriends birthday earlier this year (yes I'm just getting round to posting this now) I made this super duper ice-cream cake.  This cake is not for the dieter....what cake is?  Oh yeah rice cakes!!!  :o)

I made this cake in 45's how I did it.

First the pictorial list of ingredients, as you can tell this is geared towards a chocolate-peanut butter theme.

It's quite important to prepare all the chopping ahead of assembly so that you have everything ready to go.
I bought 3 different ice creams for 3 different layers.....I used a 10" spring form pan which measured about 2.5" high, in hindsight I would have chosen a pan with higher walls, the ingredients 'just' fit in!

This is a pretty messy job, so excuse the lack of photographs of each layer, I had ice-cream, fudge and peanut butter all over the place, so didn't want to keep picking up the camera.

Before you begin, place the cake pan on a double layer of kitchen paper towel with a layer of tinfoil underneath that to prevent drips and fold it up the outsides of the pan.

After chopping the Oreo's and Snickers into small pieces I softened the first layer of ice cream in the microwave a little, you just want it smooth enough to spread it....if I had the time leaving it out at room temperature would have been better.  You need to keep stirring it to make sure it's all the same consistency so do a little at a time.

In no way shape or form am I promoting these brands.  The Ben & Jerry's ice-cream was on sale  :o)  I actually wouldn't recommend the 'Core' ice-creams, I didn't realize I had bought them but the middle of the ice-cream tub is actually filled with peanut butter and salted caramel.  I think solid ice-cream would have worked better.

I chose to put the only vanilla based ice-cream in the middle (like a sandwich cake).  I started off by putting the Peanut ButterFudge on the bottom, spreading it out evenly, then drizzling the (not so hot) fudge on top of that and scattering the chopped Oreo's on top of the fudge!

After the first layer is done you need to put the cake in the freezer to harden up before adding the next layer. 

Next I softened the Salted Caramel flavor and added the chopped Snickers bars and melted the peanut butter before drizzling that over the top, don't let your peanut butter get hot as it will melt your ice-cream more than you need!  Back in the freezer to harden.

See how much room is left in the pan and I still had the final ice-cream to add!!!!  YIKES!!!

Finally I added the last ice-cream, the Chocolate Fudge Brownie.  If you want to add candles to your cake I would recommend adding the holders now before it gets too hard.

Back in the freezer before the party begins.  I made this a day ahead which I would recommend, you can't slice melted ice-cream.

And of course I was so busy with everything the day of the party that I forgot to take a picture of the assembled cake out of it's pan!  But I did remember to take pictures of a slice or two the next day!

It was a huge hit!  And hard to believe there is 6 tubs of ice-cream in there!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Etsy shop receives new stock

Hello all.....

Just popping in to let you know there are new items in the shop.....and I will continue to add more as the weeks go by.  The shop has been closed for the last 2 weeks as I spent time in England with family.  But I'm back with a new level of drive to get this Etsy shop jam packed in time for the holidays.  If you can't find the following items in the shop that just means they're coming soon!!!!  And you can always email on Etsy if you see something you want but can't find it!