Saturday, January 31, 2015

A blog is hard work!

OK so obviously I'm finding it hard to find the time to write this blog!  I wish I could keep up with posts on a regular basis and I'm at odds as to whether to continue and make a real effort or to kind of give up!

Truth be told I'm struggling coming up with interesting topics that doesn't take a lot of time to write!
I work part time, I try and run my Etsy shop successfully, I have wholesale orders now, and also preparations for craft shows, not to mention the upkeep of a house and a relationship!  :o)  It's a lot.

An example of one of my Instagram posts!
I am starting to spend a lot of time on Instagram which I find very easy and thrilling.  Just flicking through photo's is what most people love to do, it's quick and easy and that's what Instagram is all about.  I follow some amazing artists there that are so inspiring and I also post a lot of pics of what I'm working on too.  Check it out....I have the same name there too  Textile Trolley.

I'm going to have a long hard think as to whether to continue with the blog.....I'll keep you updated!

Thanks for listening