Friday, January 4, 2013

Interviewing for a Nanny Position

I was lying in bed this morning thinking about what I was going to write about today.....dreaming that my job was closer to home (I drive 35 mins to work, so not bad really).

Nannying is such a personal job.....there are not many careers where you really get an insight into how people are in their own home!  There have definitely been some eye openers but I'm of course far too professional to repeat any!  ;o)

So I got to thinking about interviewing and all the interviews I've been on in the past (really not that many compared to some) and all the 'interesting' conversations I've had. It's been 20 years since I started this career so my memory doesn't allow me to remember all the obscurities.

I remember when I was interviewing to come over here 18 years ago, there was a lady in Long Island that almost had a meltdown because her children kept mixing up the Lego colours!  She was sat on the playroom floor conducting an interview over the phone with me and sorting out all the Lego's into colour piles.  Now I like to be tidy and organized but there is such a a thing as 'compulsive obsessive organizing' and I didn't want to be any part of that!  No thank you!

There was another interview I went on here in N.J. for a family with a new baby, all seemed to be going well until the father asked me if I would be willing to work on Saturday nights as a 'cocktail waitress' when they entertained.  How can you hide the look of shock on one's face?  I kindly and politely reminded him I was here to interview for the position of nanny then made my apologies and told him that the position was not for me.

I turned down my first position over here because
they wanted me to wear my Norland uniform, you
can see the beautiful attire to the right here.
I was then asked if I would wear a uniform of
khaki's and a white shirt....again no.
Coupled with the fact that I had been asked
over the phone if I was overweight it all added up
to a big 'this is not the job for me' click.

However I was due to visit the states and they
were only a 10 minute drive from where I was
staying and they persuaded me to come for an
interview.  To cut a long story short they really
wanted me to work for them, offered  me a
great package and work schedule and said I didn't have to wear any kind of uniform.  I came to realize that the mother asked if I was overweight because she didn't want any skinny attractive British bombshell running around her house (no worries there I was indeed quite overweight at the time LOL).  I came to understand where she was coming from, accepted the position and stayed for 5 years.

I just remembered one interview where I wasn't offered the position and the reason was I was too tall!  Yes I said it.....'too tall'.  The mother felt like my height was too intimidating to her children.  I don't know if it was just an excuse but really these days in America.....that would have been a law suit.  I'm only 5'10".

I feel like I've been very lucky in my career, I've had some great bosses but I believe I've chosen wisely.  My friends tell me I have a great 'gut'......cheers girls!  I feel I do too.  I've stayed away from demanding families no matter what the salary and also never had a desire to work for anyone with extreme wealth or fame.  I've had plenty of opportunity and been pushed towards interviewing for John Bon Jovi, Elle Mc McPherson, Annie Lennox, and some Google guy to name but a few.  I was never interested.....I like a normal life, normal hours I like to know where I'm going to be and to be able to plan my own life!  When you work for demanding people you end up taking on their life as your own and yes you may gain a great deal of experience and see the world but it's not your's theirs!  I like to write my own story!

Any interview stories anyone would like to share?   I would love to hear them!

Have a great weekend.

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