Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Second Outdoor Craft Fair

So I had my second outdoor craft fair this last weekend in Hoboken, N.J.  Hoboken is the last town in NJ before you cross the tunnel in NYC it's a very young, happening place so I thought I'd give the annual spring Art and Music Festival a go.  This is one of the reasons I've been a bit quiet lately....preparing for Hoboken....and it's a good job I did!!!!  It was the busiest show I have ever done.  Took me 3 hours to eat half a sandwich because every time I picked it up there was someone interested in a I am NOT complaining it's merely to show you how busy I was....and of course with being busy comes great sales, the best I've ever I was a happy camper despite the terribly windy weather.

Here are a few pics, they are not the best because I just managed to finish setting up as the festival opened and I had only brought my phone with me because I knew I could be busy and I had no help to watch items like expensive cameras.  I had to alter my display a little because of the weather.

As much as I love my handmade sign it's difficult to read.  I can't bare to redo it so I was thinking of possibly going around the edges with a black sharpie?  What do you think?  I tried to sew around the edge in dark thread but because it is all strung together it was really it didn't make it stand out too well either...I did the first 'T' can you tell?

This was the front table with blankets, bib and burp sets and burp cloths.  I had to take my cards out of a carousel because of the high wind so I stuck those in a rectangular basket next to the hair ties.  I didn't put out my button hair elastics or my wood and fabric tags because it was windy and I didn't want to worry about little things blowing away.

This was the side table with organic items and baby and toddler bibs.  I usually stack the wine crates on top of each other but was worried they would blow over....the ones on the other table are nailed together so they were fine.  The tent was swaying from side to side so the wine crates wouldn't have stood a chance.  I had to put a metal rod on the row of bibs that are raised because they were starting to blow away.

I kept the side wall off the right side because most people only had 2 sides up ...I figured they knew what they were doing so I just did the same PLUS I ran out of time.  See the back wall?  I learned that if you roll it up at the bottom the wind won't rock your tent as much because it comes through.

You can see the bibs blowing in the wind in this pic.  I love how they decorate the tent when they hang on the washing line all the way around.  I hung the toddler bibs at the back this time and also switched a blanket in there half way through the day, that's when the blankets started selling!!!!!  I think I may try and hang a lower line too next time if I have time this way I'll have more table space. 

I had so many wonderful compliments on my bibs, display, the fabrics I had chosen etc it made me feel really good by the end of the day and I wasn't quite as exhausted as I usually am.