Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Craft Show Display Improvements!

I did the last craft show of the year a couple of weeks ago and made some improvements to my display!  I decided NOT to take my camera to the show (these were taken with cell phones)...I know not why I made this stupid decision....it would have been so useful....I forget that when I apply to craft shows they require photo's of your display....a show that I am applying to next year want 10 PHOTOS!!!!!  I could have done with some more detailed pics of my display...oh well!

Anyhooo I painted the wine crates and I love them white!!!  
2 coats of primer did the job....I didn't even use paint ...ran out of time!

Trust me to miss the first 'T' in my shop banner!!! 

Thanks goodness my handy dandy helper captured it.

A close up of the right side of the booth....it was a U shape.  This had all the bibs, blankets and burp cloth sets.  Should have added a piece of white fabric or foam board behind the bibs hanging on the lines!  Next time!

Close up of the blankets....remember these pics are cell phone pics

Left side of the booth.  All the other stuff I had for sale. 

Close up of the Christmas items I had for sale

There are still areas I want to tweak but it was less cluttered than the previous craft show partly because I had a much bigger space!

I still need to add some more height....items at eye level are supposed to grab customers attention more!!!  And I'd like to insert some shelves within the wine crates too!
And maybe some more backdrop to detract from next door.

Bibs sold the best.....so I think I'm going to focus more on those and work on de-cluttering and not selling as much other little stuff.   I had a lot of stocking stuffer items which really didn't sell so well....not sure if it was the people and the location or what?

Anyway, you live and learn and see where there is room for improvement!!!