Friday, July 6, 2012

How to make a baby's bib stylish enough for the London Olympics

This is my first tutorial, so bare with me.  
After viewing the photos I have already concluded that I need to make myself a light box (yet another item for the never ending 'TO DO' list).  So hopefully as this blog progresses the photo's I post should be better.

How to make a  baby's bib
You will need....

2 pieces of fabric 10" by 14" (1 piece of fabric should be absorbent such as toweling, chenille)
A pattern (you can sketch one free hand, download or buy one from a store)
A snap or hook and loop fastening

First cut out your bib pattern and then your fabric.  I always fold my fabric in half it's quicker and more accurate.
Place your bib fabric print side down on your backing fabric which should have the right side facing up and pin.  I used chenille as it's thick and absorbent.

 Cut out the backing so it will be the same shape as the top fabric.

Sew both bib pieces together about 1cm in from the edge.  Leave about an 8cm opening between start of sewing and end of sewing along the straight side of the bib.  This is so you can turn the bib inside out later.  Don't forget to reinforce stitching at the start and the end by stitching backwards and forwards about 1cm
It should look like this.

Clip inner and outer curves by cutting small triangles up to the stitching (don't get too close).  This will allow the bib to lie flat.  It is best to use the tips of the scissors as they give a more accurate cut and will reduce the chance of cutting through the make sure your scissors are sharp.

It should look like this.  I usually trim the seam allowance a little so that it cuts down on bulk.  But I never trim around the opening, I always leave the full allowance so that it is easier to sew it closed at the end.

Turn the bib inside out using the 8cm opening you left when sewing.

I like to use the wrong end of a knitting needle to push out the top of the bib, other people have told me a chopstick also works well.

Be careful not to push too hard.  You don't want the needle to rip the stitching.

Press your bib turning in a hem where the 8cm opening is.

Top stitch your bib 3-4mm from the edge.  This will close the 8cm opening.

Add a snap with a pliers style snap tool.  You can also sew a hook and loop fastening on.
This is the best website I have found for learning how to apply these snaps.  The instructions and diagrams on the back of the package were not all that easy to understand.

The finished snaps should looks something like this.  I used a pearl snap.

The finished product with it's matching burp cloth.  How cute is this fabric?

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  1. I enjoyed following your tutorial. The pictorial guide really helped. Though mine did not turn out half as neat as yours:

    Thanks for sharing, Louise! :)

  2. This baby bib is stunning! It has a very nice color and a very wonderful design. Thanks for sharing this one to us, it will surely help a lot. Cute photos and awesome tutorial.