Monday, December 3, 2012

Hand Made Felt Christmas Ornaments

OK, seeing as though it is now December (scary).....we can start talking about Christmas right?
I think that's the rule!

I wanted to share something that I worked on during my power outage.....thanks Sandy.....some great things did come out of lack of electricity I guess!

I re-taught myself blanket stitch.  Ever so easy, I had to learn it in college but hadn't attempted it since!
I brushed up my skills here in about 2 minutes!

There are no pictures of before or during for this sewing project.....that was just too much when in lame survival mode!

But here are the pictures of my handmade felt ornaments, if you look at them carefully they are pretty self explanatory.  The stockings are felt at the back and on the front I applied iron on interfacing to regular cotton fabric to prevent as much fraying as possible (I think a little fraying helps with the homemade effect).

Wrapped for giving with a little story of origin on the back

I think the Christmas Puddings are my favourite, followed by the dog bone!

I also made some decorations for Hanukkah, those will be coming soon.

They are on sale at the Woman's Exchange in Little Silver, N.J. and will hopefully be on sale at my Etsy shop soon!

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  1. wow!. your handmade christmas decorations ideas are awesome, and I really loved your writing style too.... wish you a merry christmas.